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  • Location: CZ
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Music I love

Britpop, indie, oldies.
image, Damien Rice, Beirut, Kaiser Chiefs, Travis, Coldplay, Frank Sinatra, Artic Monkeys, The Beatles, The Killers, etc.

Interesting facts about me

Hiya! I'm Marta, I'm a student and I live in a city that always sleeps in the Czech republic.
In order to satisfy my little heart of a fangirl I've spent ridiculous amount of money on going to see Dylan several times during the last couple of months. I consider myself to be a hard-core fan and I just enjoy going to see him from 'Wow, from so far away' (- Dylan's words). The trips couldn't have been any better thanks to the jam mafia and Dylan himself.
It's all worth living on bread rolls from time to time.


And the beast wants more:

1/12/08 - Brixton Academy, London (jamMIT Part Deux)

13/2/09 - Opera House, Manchester
14/2/09 - Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham
10/8/09 - Playhouse, Edinburgh
11/8/09 - Playhouse, Edinburgh
11/9/09 - Vicar Street, Dublin
12/9/09 - Vicar Street, Dublin

Proud attendee of:

JamMIT '08 Part Deux: JAM HARDER
- London, Dec 2008: THE WOOWOO THAT WASN'T.
JamMIT '09 Episode 1: THE SAGA BEGINS - Manchester, Birmingham Feb 2009: Culture Clash - Chucky-egg & Camembert
JamMIT '09: FRINGE - Edinburgh August 2009: The real Hogwarts is in that bin.
JamMIT '09: THE BELIEVING CONTINUES - Dublin September 2009: 'Much more bester good.'

And BIG thanks and HUGS to all the jammites I've met along the way - bad_ideas_bear, pingu1988, deedee, LinkaNeo, WiggyMonster, Heleen, Greenness, grumpygirl, PetBee, sian and mariamunknown. image


My recent posts

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